Making The Switch: Transitioning From Bluegrass Banjo To Jazz Banjo

The banjo is a special and flexible musical instrument. It’s one of the handful of tools that could be performed in numerous genres, from bluegrass to jazz. Even if the strategies used in every single category are very distinct, transitioning between the styles of banjo playing is not as tough as you might anticipate.

Here are some guidelines to help you have the move from bluegrass to jazz music banjo.

Get confident with chord inversions.

In bluegrass banjo, you usually play melodies making use of one information. In jazz music, nonetheless, chords will be more widely used. Chord inversions are just different methods of enjoying exactly the same chord. By way of example, a G major chord can be enjoyed in 3rd position (G-B-D), fifth position (D-G-B), or 7th placement (B-D-G). By finding out how to enjoy chords in all of the 12 tips using distinct inversions, you’ll be better able to get around a jazz music chart.

Discover ways to read guide sheets.

A direct sheet the type of music notation that features the melody, lyrics, and chords to get a music. As a way toplay jazz music banjo, you should be able to study direct sheets to be able to simply and efficiently find the appropriate chords when improvising over a tune. The good news is, direct sheets usually are not difficult to go through once you have the dangle of it.

Try out different strumming styles.

In bluegrass banjo, there is usually merely one strumming routine that is utilized for the track. In jazz music, however, there are actually often multiple strumming designs that happen to be applied throughout a tune. This is often mind-boggling initially, but it’s crucial that you experiment with different strumming habits so that you can discover ones that suit the feel in the tune and your own personal fashion.


The banjo is a great instrument for many who enjoy playing both bluegrass and jazz. While the strategies employed in each and every category can be various, the changeover from a single on the other is not really as tough as you might consider. By using these tips, you’ll be on the right track to becoming a competent jazz music banjo person in no time!